AM Seed Co., Ltd dedicated to the world agricultural seeds of vegetables and horticultural varieties of innovation , research and development, in line with health for people in the world of green environmental protection high quality seeds service concept, to foster improved continuously, from scratch, successively developed green health quality, varieties of more than 1000 types of products popular in many countries around the world, dealers and cooperative companies in five continents four oceans. Products constantly recognized and accepted by the consumers.

        High quality vegetables and horticultural varieties have been developed at AM SEED experimental base under the unique natural conditions of sufficient sunlight, dry climate and large temperature difference between day and night.

       AM SEED is specialized in vegetable seed breeding, production and sales. A professional breeding company, the company cultivates tomato, pepper, eggplant, watermelon, melon and other agricultural vegetables seeds service all over the world, for different needs of farmers to provide a variety of crop seeds. At the same time, the company cooperates with professional breeding institutions to develop new varieties. To meet the needs of different countries for varieties.

Tomato breeders offer cherry tomatoes, big fruit red tomatoes, pink fruit taste tomatoes, all varieties you can choose. Melon breeders have prepared varieties that are sweet, crisp and tender. Sweet pepper, pepper experts for the Middle East market customers selected and bred a spicy, high-yield line, also for friends in Europe and the United States to develop blocky, horn type of all kinds of sweet pepper. All kinds of varieties are waiting for you.

The new varieties developed by AM Seed are produced by professional seed producers in the best production bases in the world. The production quality is strictly monitored to ensure that the seeds are of good quality without any quality problems. We provide the most convenient quality service for the majority of consumers, with the customer's choice of the quality seeds can be achieved as the ultimate goal. Please believe that AM Seed can make you choose the variety you want and we will achieve a real win-win situation.